The Tales Of The Dragon Tiger Casino

The Dragon Tiger Casino

Dragon Tiger is an assortment of Bacarrat and Casino war. You have to guess the side with high-value cards.

Dragon Tiger is especially an online game having major similarities to baccarat. It is often recognized as a slimmed version of baccarat. Moreover, many reviewers remarked that its gameplay is similar to Casino War. As the name suggests, this game uses tiger and dragon symbols. This article is a comprehensive guide of the game, and it is straightforward to play, having a great chance of winning.

How the Game is Played

Dragon Tiger is a combination of Casino War and Baccarat. It’s a simple game to learn and play. It is played on a table divided into two vertical halves. There will be the Dragon on one side, and on the other hand, will be the Tiger. Hence, the gamblers have to bet on one of them or place a bet on a tie.

Briefly, you have to guess which side will have the highest number of cards in terms of values. If you win, you will receive your payout. The game starts by dealing two cards by the dealer, one on the Dragon side and the other is on the Tiger. Here the king has the largest values while the Aces have the lowest.

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Various Types of Wagering

The Dragon Tiger is straightforward to play. All you have to do is make a guess and place a wager. Interestingly, you can place your wager on a colossal range of probable outcomes. Though it is a straightforward game, the various bets make it exciting. You can get a pretty large amount to win when gamblers will raise their wagers by taking a tremendous risk.

The first type of bet is to wager on the tiger or the dragon. The ratio of the payout is 1:1. It means that you will get the exact same amount you are betting as your winning payout. Another type includes betting on Dragon/Tiger Small or Dragon/Tiger Big. In this case, if you have any card values of 7 or more, it will be considered as big. Similarly, cards with lower values or less than a 7 will be termed as small. Here also, the payout ratio is 1:1.

The other alternative type of wagering on this game is riskier. Here you have to guess the suit of the card. This type of wagering needs a lot of luck and a proper guess on whether the card will be diamond, hearts, spades, or Club. Interestingly, as it involves a higher risk, the payout ratio is 3:1, i.e., you will get three times the initial stake amount on winning.


Dragon Tiger is very popular among gamblers as it is pretty easy to play. Moreover, it combines two renowned games, Baccarat and Casino War. In addition, you can have a great chance of winning while losing very little upon losing. It is based on luck and guess. The rules are quite simple and easy to understand. All these factors make this game a popular one among gamblers.

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