Lottery winners and their habits

Lottery winners

See the most typical togel hongkong winner’s habits. Find out some trends among the lottery lucky guys from all over the world.

What’s your biggest dream related with a win of a lottery game? Have you ever thought of what you would do if in the next drawing in a togel hongkong you will be the jackpot winner? It does not matter what you wish to do with your money, because there’s a trend according to which lottery winners don’t always listen to their hearts or to their minds when it comes to spending their money. A significant amount of this money goes for nothing or in vein, while other lucky lottery players seem to spend the wins in the best possible way.

Let’s see what exactly the facts say. See below what most of the winners in lottery games spend their money for and how they continue living after they receive the entire jackpot amount:

  1. Lottery winners spend nearly 10% of their jackpots amounts for friends and families. This is not money for charity, because the charity amount is in another category. It’s money winners give away to help their closest people, but also to surprise them with honest and of course, expensive gifts.
  2. The percentage of the lottery jackpot spent on vacations is close. The winners usually separate about 16% of their total wining. This might be strange to many of you, lottery players, who have been recently dreaming of spending lots of time on an island after becoming the next lottery lucky winner. We will explain you why so few people spend so little money on vacations. It’s because most of the winners buy properties directly on the beach with the lottery tickets.
  3. Speaking of which, here’s some stats related with the amount of money spent for properties – houses, to be more specific – from the total amount of won lottery jackpots in the UK: it turned out that about 3000 British winners has succeeded to buy 8000 new properties within the last couple of years thanks to playing lottery games.
  4. There are nearly 17 thousands of new cars in the UK that are all bought from prizes won through the local national and online casino lottery games. According to the British statistic department the average price per one of these cars is 73 thousands of USD.
  5. And now some shocking news related with lottery winners: more than 70% of them get broke within 5 years after their big lucky day. Can you imagine spend so much money within such a short period of time? Well, it’s not just possible. It seems that it’s become a tradition for all the lucky lottery winners across the whole world.

Make sure to spend your lottery wins as well as you want but at least try to avoid becoming a part of the tradition explained in the last sentences of this material!

And of course, good luck!

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